Jung Königswinter Konferenz

Die nächste Jung Königswinter Konferenz wird vom im Juli 2018 in der Europäischen Akademie Berlin stattfinden.


"It was an extraordinary crash course that I don’t think could be bettered. In a week, I learned more than I could have discovered in the grandest library or on the most luxurious of holidays." (British participant)

About the Conference Jung Königswinter participants in the 1960s
Since 1961, young Britons and Germans aged between 25 and 30 have been meeting annually to exchange views on the political agendas of their countries. Conducted in English, the Jung Königswinter Conference has a central political, economic or socio-cultural theme. The participants are divided into 3-4 study groups that examine specific aspects of the main theme. The results of the discussions are published in the conference report.

Alongside the discussions there is a supporting programme including talks by guest speakers from politics, business and the public sector, as well as visits to ministries, companies and sites of historical interest. Furthermore, participants attend a dinner and a lunch at the invitation of the British or respectively the German government.

Attending the Conference
Participants can either apply directly or are nominated. If you are interested in taking part in the conference or submitting the name of a suitable candidate, please click here.

Jung Königswinter Alumni
The intensive discussions contribute not only to a better understanding of the subject matter, but are also the basis for the establishment of private and professional contacts. There is an active group of alumni who organise meetings, both formal and less formal, in Germany, the UK and other places of interest. For more information on the Jung Königswinter Alumni click here.